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роликовый конвейер с поддоном

роликовый конвейер с поддоном


A chain-driven roller conveyor, also called a pallet conveyor, is the most robust type of chain conveyor. Every section of the conveyor features an electric motor, which powers a roller. The transmission between the rollers is achieved by means of a roller on roller transmission. This is enabled by a dual sprocket head on each roller. The rollers are connected to the adjacent rollers by a chain. Chain-driven roller conveyors are excellently suited to transporting heavy loads. Using the chains, relatively strong torques can be transmitted along the rollers.


Roller diameter:76mm, 89mm
Conveying Speed:12m/min Standard  Adjustable
Center distance rollers:119mm
Conveying Chains:10A
Conveyor Height:500mm Standard adjustable